Current Investee Companies


AlphaOne is a new concept in workplace health management, integrating the three previously distinct fields of health promotion, safety, and rehabilitation. Based on a long history of applied research and experience, AlphaOne is custom-built to meet the health, safety and injury management needs of the company and its workforce. Their web-supported model means a more powerful framework for behaviour and organization change and helps their client companies to achieve greater levels of efficiency and improved health management outcomes. It represents the 'Health' of Occupational Health & Safety. They operate nation-wide and have offices in North America.

Contact: Garry Egger
Tel: 1300 668 407

M-Ticketing - AURA aims to be a world leader in both the delivery and commercialisation of mobile barcode technology and a pioneer in the discipline of interactive wireless marketing.


Contact Details: +61 2 9281 0211,

Ausanda Communications

Ausanda has developed a novel fibre-optic telecommunications technology known as DWDM-Lite?. It involves photonic chips and is designed to provide breakthrough enhancement to the widely deployed Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) fibre-optic transmission technology. This breakthrough enables existing comms fibre and all legacy line amplifiers to carry much greater capacity with only a line card change at each end. No upgrade needed in the middle. It will enable 10Gbps to carry 40 (and then on to 100Gbps, when those standards are set). In part it uses extraordinarily sensitive receivers, with the creation of some really ?square? filters, hence measuring well above the noise floor, can also jamb a lot more in. Thus it can significantly change the capital and operational costs incurred by telecommunication carriers globally, as they continue their rollout of telecommunication bandwidth infrastructure. An Australian example is the Australia?s National Broadband Network (NBN).

Contact: Steve Mutabazzi
Tel: +61 4 0996 6667


Bijingo is a software development company specialising in applications and services for small to large enterprises. Delivered via web technologies, these innovative, solution based products, are aimed at project management, team collaboration, and data sharing. Bijingo software provides clients with immediate and long-term quantifiable cost and time savings.

Contact:  Craig Pope – tel: +61 3 9615 4605 or


bluechiip Pty Ltd

bluechiip is a dynamic, emerging company developing a new tracking solution with sustainable competitive advantages over exisiting labelling and tracking techniques.

bluechiip offers a proprietary Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, including chips and an interrogator system that will provide customers with key functional advantages that cannot be met by alternative RFID technologies.

Contact: Brett Schwarz – tel: +61 3 9763 9763

Booking Angel

Booking Angel increases a restaurant's exposure on the Internet. When a restaurant customer wants to make a booking on the Internet, Booking Angel, using its patented technology, phones the restaurant with the booking information. The customer gets their booking confirmed quickly and the restaurant gets access to thousands of potential diners on the Internet without having to use a computer. Booking Angel is the link between the Internet and their telephone. The restaurant only pays for the bookings received and bookings start from $1 for booking made at the restaurant?s own website. For bookings sourced through Booking Angel?s partner network, the restaurant pays more depending on where the customer comes from. Payment only occurs for the bookings that are accepted and turn up.

Contact: Dean McEvoy
Tel: + 61 2 9037 8572

CatchLog is the complete software management program for the commercial fishing industry. 


Contact Details:  61 (07) 4033 1322,

Cortical Dynamics

Cortical Dynamics has been established to commercialise technology for system based analysis of brain electrical responses developed by researchers from Swinburne University.  This technology facilitates a comprehensive analysis of EEG recordings and is expected to provide a real-time measure of the level of the depth of anaesthesia in anaesthetised patients.  The technology has other potential applications such as monitoring sedation in patients receiving pharmaceutical preparations.

Contact: Louis Delacretaz - tel: +61 407 358 699 or email


Damit’s flagship product, Got_It is a complete digital photographic management system.


Contact Details: 61 2 9698 9885,


Datascreen was created out of Ballarat University to commercialise data mining tools developed to interrogate the Adverse Drug Reaction Database. The tool was developed over a four year trial period with the TGA and Medical Software Industry Association (MISA), and incorporates some unique interrogation algorithms and data mining logic which could be applied to other market segments outside the current pharmaceutical and health applications, pharmaceutical companies.


Contact Details: Wayne Hurst,

eBall Games

E Ball Games has developed a “next generation” sports simulator platform which turns an existing sports video game into a large scale sports simulation experience involving a real ball and the true mechanics of the sport.


Contact Details: 6141 839 3082,


Fuse’s value proposition is simple: Turning consumer responses into robust information for the market research industry.

Fuse’s promise is to gather responses faster and more accurately than current methods and integrate with processing, analysis and reporting techniques.  To deliver on that promise Fuse has developed a suite of visual tools, based on its own software applications.

Contact:  David Flynn – tel +61 3 9620 3855 or email


Radar-based geospatial solutions for resource management, efficient biomass, waterline & salinity mapping using either airborne or satellite platforms.


Contact Details: 61 8 8948 2759,


Genscreen provides products and services which support the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and related illnesses.


Contact Details: 613 9894 4555,


Globaltainment is a developer of entertainment products and applications for the mobility sector (mobile devices). The company has pioneered the development and deployment of applications targeting 3G capable-devices.


Contact Details:


Glynx is software that runs on your phone and PC to manage your Identity and communications online. It is fully patent protected. Glynx is highly secure as it runs P2P without any central server observing or mediating your Identity, transactions or relationships. Glynx provides the secure glue between the different islands of identity in the Web 2.0 environment, so you can manage your buddy lists, contact managers, PIMs and other identity stores as a private, integrated whole. Glynx provides a better way to manage your calls by putting you, not your carrier, in control of your communications from your PC or smart-phone.

Contact: Malcolm Allen
Tel: + 61 4 1212 0497


Hydrokinetics has developed a patented thermoelectric heat exchanger capable of cost effectively generating heat, cold and power. Applications include for example refrigeration, air conditioning and electricity generation, and National Panasonic in Japan use the technology in bar and boardroom refrigerators, DC truck refrigerators, soft drink refrigerated show cases, wine cellars etc. Its technology has opened the door to developing a wide range of products that have been researched in the last 6 months. This includes constant temperature vaccine fridges, ?Cool Cupboards?, water from air harvesters and CPU coolers.

Contact: John Skillicorn
Tel: + 61 2 9818 6438


i4-talent provides leading edge software through an Application Service Provider platform for individuals and organisations seeking new employment opportunities.

i4-talent differs from many other companies in this area through its range of services across the full job recruitment spectrum, offering everything from a job board through to career management tools and consulting services on Employee Value Propositions.

Contact:  Glen Rabie – tel: +61 3 9642 2241 or


Justsys provides market-driven software tools allowing users to gain real-time data on a range of highly-complex issues, including determining legal aid eligibility, predicting court outcomes in divorce disputes and providing copyright law advice.  These user-friendly tools have resulted from the harnessing of recent state of the art techniques employed in top computer research laboratories.

Contact:  Andrew Stranieri –

tel +61 3 5330 3300 or


The Victorian CRC for Microtechnology, Griffith University researchers and Bosch developed prototype Kinetic Energy Harvesting (KEH) devices originally for use as battery replacements in car key devices, and are essentially "eternal" batteries that create and store their own energy. 


Contact Details: Drew Williams 0411 242 529,


Loop9 provides Travel Messenger technology to franchise owners to communicate messages with clients whilst travelling, based on personal name record trip data. Typical messages include departure information and travel advisories, but also add-on modules such as live currency conversion, instant translation and event listings via short message service (SMS). Loop 9 offers a suite of products for travel agencies, airlines, conference organisers and corporates. Loop9 has distribution arrangements to distribute Travel Messenger through Harvey World Travel, TravelScene, American Express, Flight Centre outlets and a range of other travel agency chains.

Contact: Mark McCormack
Tel: +61 3 9018 7212

Online Risk Management

Risk Management in public spaces.


Contact Details: 0402 829 322,

Red Bubble

RedBubble enables people to express and celebrate creativity with a global audience. It centres around a website which combines a community where social interactions will occur; a marketplace where transactions take place; and a fulfilment engine which produces physical items on demand for customers.


Contact Details: 1300 66 77 01,

Slice Wireless

Slice Group is a mobile and digital media solutions business. It provides real-time, on-the-fly web to mobile video, and has developed an end to end rich media marketing, publishing and distribution platform for brands, carriers, aggregators and media companies. Its suite of products package, navigate, provision, host and deliver rich media digital content and merchandise for brands and their end users. The focus is initially on mobile devices and now on multi-platform devices. The Group?s Managed Media Services platform is a fully developed, fully functional, carrier-grade and stable managed services platform which will expand provision of hosted services to content asset owners such as media companies as well as first and second tier Carriers, and, content aggregators. It is currently integrated with Carriers such as Telefonica/O2.

Contact: Brad Keeling
Tel: +61 4 0010 0555

Synetek Systems

Synetek Systems Pty Ltd specialises in the development of on-demand business applications for the global SME market. They have developed online application services which create "Simple Intelligence", through easy to use software solutions for managing leases, and email archival and retrieval.


Contact Details: 1300 887 609, 61 3 9827 7701,


Voicemap involves a core group of software engineers and systems analysts, multimedia specialists, researchers and writers. Their focus is in the development and commercialisation of the Voicemap system which is a new training and risk management solution. The Voicemap system has widespread applications in a range of industries where workers' safety is at risk. With this revolutionary risk management training system, Voicemap is helping businesses to re-vitalise work-place learning and promote learning organisations. It does this through reviewed and renewed induction and orientation programs, improving processes and procedures and encouraging and supporting safety awareness and behaviour change. It has gradually been rolled out internationally inside hospitals, rail network corporations, mining and steel industry and government agencies and office environments.

Contact: Dr Maggie Haertsch
Tel: +61 2 4926 1988


Ziptales is an online literacy scheme for primary school students.


Contact Details: 61 3 5331 1184,